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Oway Glossy Nectar Retail.jpg

Glossy Nectar

Protects against UV damage and adds soft, lightweight shine. Ideal for al hair.

Oway Rebuilding Hair Mask Retail.jpg

Rebuilding Hair Mask

 Seals and protects the cuticle from further damage and split ends. Ideal for damaged hair.

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Choose your Hair Type below,
for your personalized hair prescription
from a Master Hairstylist



Whether flat, lifeless or cotton-candy-thin… 
Fine hair just needs a little “oomph” to be voluminous!

Curly or Wavy 

Coils, ringlets, waves…  These gorgeous manes need special TLC!


Dehydrated, dull and lackluster strands?  Dry hair desperately needs an oasis of moisture!

Frizzy to Smooth

Dreaming of sleek and shiny straight hair... but you’ve got stubborn curls and frizz that refuse to cooperate?


Your fresh-from-the-salon tint looks gorgeous, rich, and vibrant!  Protect your investment for maximum brilliance and longevity.

Over Processed
and Damaged

Oh dear!  You know when you’ve taken it too far…  Extremely damaged and over-processed hair desperately needs a prescribed healing process

Frequently Washed

Whether you’re washing your hair often after a workout, or time in the sun, salt, or chlorine - or maybe you just like to shower twice a day to be squeaky clean, be mindful to respect the health of your hair and scalp.


Pixie, pompadour, or a classic buzz cut… Pulling it off is all in the styling products!


I’ll let you in on something I know from years of observation behind the chair... Everybody experiences hair loss at some point.

Cool Blonde or Grey

A purple-toned shampoo is a blonde’s best friend, and a grey-haired vixen’s secret to getting stopped on the street for a compliment!

Thick and Dense

Everybody knows what “big hair” is…   This is the kind of hair that needs a heavy approach to moisture.

Scalp Care

When your scalp is giving you issues, whether it’s dandruff, excessive oil, or irritation and sensitivity, using a holistic approach makes the most sense.

Face and Body Care

Wouldn’t it feel right to use skin and body products that are 98.5% to 100% of natural origin?

Men's Beard and Grooming

There’s nothing better than a well-groomed man!

Fine Hair.png

Fine Hair

This hair type tends to be limp, have flyaways, and lacks texture.  In order to create volume, it’s important to layer the right products that will add texture and body, while avoiding anything too sticky or too heavy.  Here is my expert opinion...

Curly or Wavy Hair

Curly Hair.png

This hair type longs for moisture, and looks best when the curl pattern is defined. Curly hair requires a “cocktail” of multiple products to enhance the curl pattern, address dryness, and eliminate frizz.  Here is my expert opinion...

Dry Hair

This hair type longs for moisture, and looks best when the curl pattern is defined. Curly hair requires a “cocktail” of multiple products to enhance the curl pattern, address dryness, and eliminate frizz.  Here is my expert opinion...

Dry Hair.png

Frizzy to Smooth Hair

This hair type tends to expand when it comes into contact with moisture or humidity.  It typically requires heat to tame.  For a silky, polished finish, seal the cuticle by layering on smoothing creams and serums.  Here is my expert opinion...

Frizzy to Smooth.png

Color-Treated Hair

Salon color can fade and dull quickly without preservation.  The right products will shield the hair from UV rays and environmental stressors, while locking in rejuvenating nutrients.  Here is my expert opinion...

Color Treated Hair.png

Over-Processed and

Damaged Hair

Overdoing it with repeated chemical treatments and hot tools will zap your locks of elasticity and strength.  High-quality products are essentially the only way to hold on to damaged tresses.  To address breakage, it’s imperative to internally repair the cuticle with keratin proteins and externally seal it with nourishing oils.  Here is my expert opinion...

Over-processed and Damaged.png

Frequently Washed Hair

Daily-use hair products should be lightweight, so they don’t strip your natural oils.  I’ve got a few in mind for you with gentle cleansing qualities and an invigorating scent.  Here is my expert opinion..

Frequently Washed Hair.png

Short Hair

Whether you want to bring out the texture of the cut, control and tame, mold the style, freeze it in place, or keep it super simple, it’s all achievable.  Here’s my expert opinion...

Hair Prescriptions.png

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be caused by stress, genetics, surgery, aging or hormonal changes.  To manage thinning hair with a natural approach, densify the hair you already have and use specialty products to stimulate future growth.  Here is my expert opinion…

Thinning Hair.png

Cool Blonde or Grey Hair

For a knockout look for blonde or grey hair, enhance brightness by eliminating brassy and yellow tones.  Here is my expert opinion...

Cool Blonde or Grey.png

Thick, Dense Hair

When your hair is like a second job, you need to “weigh it down”.  Ideal products help detangle, add softness, infuse shine, and manage frizz.  Thick hair needs ultra-hydration to decrease all that volume!  Here’s my expert opinion...

thick, dense hair.png

Scalp Care

Stay away from chemicals, and opt instead for organic ingredients to soothe irritation, rebalance the skin, and heal the scalp.  Here is my expert opinion...

scalp care.png

Face & Body Care

Skincare #1.png
Skincare #2.png

Oway’s Skin & Body lines are pure sensory luxury - rich in essential oils, resins, balms, and fragrances derived from seasonal plants, flowers, and fruits to nourish, protect and illuminate skin.  Here is my expert opinion...

Men's Beard and Grooming

Oway’s Men’s Grooming line is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, and trees, and is designed to protect and nourish skin.  Here is my expert opinion...

Hair Prescriptions-2.png
Fine Hair
Curly or Wavy Hair
Dry Hair
Frizzy to Smooth Hair
Color Treat Hair
over processed and damaged hair
Frequently Washed Hair
Short Hair
Thinning Hair
Cool Blonde
Thick and Dense
Scalp Care
Face & Body Care
Men's Grooming
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