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Am I Too Old To Go To Cosmetology School?

Ahhh, I love this question! The simple answer is, NO. You are not too old!

I was a Hairstylist for 35 years and the Director of New Talent Education for 20 years. I was responsible for hiring the assistants in the salon, and I can tell you, age is not a deterrent in the salon hiring process.

Cosmetology School might be something that you have dreamed of doing for a long time, and just never had the chance. You might wish you had done this 10, 20, maybe even 30 years ago, but for so many reasons, you weren’t able to consider it until now. One of my favorite answers to the question, “How old will you be when you finish Cosmetology School and start working as a Hairstylist?” is: “The same age I’ll be if I don’t finish!”

One of my favorite assistants was Gary. I hired him when he was in his 50’s and had just graduated from Cosmetology School.

He made all the same mistakes as the other new assistants, however he made up for it with years of life and customer service experience. He understood work ethic, and being a team player, he was a true asset to me and to the salon.

5 Reasons You Are Not Too Old For Cosmetology school

1. You’re mature and you have life and work experience

Coming from previous work experience, and having lived on your own has taught you how to manage your schedule and gives you a mature perspective. You’re going to school because it is what you really really want to do. That means you will pay attention in class, and be dedicated to do the work to complete your schooling. Your years of experience and confidence will help you quickly succeed in school and in a salon. Recent high school graduates tend to struggle with the basics of tardiness, missed days, not using a planner or calendar, and not completing their course work. Trust me, your age is a good thing.

2. You’re an asset to the teachers and students around you

Both your age and life experiences have made you more responsible, confident and wise. They help you deal with clients and situations far better than the younger students. Your teachers will appreciate that you are awake, and truly participating in class. Many of the younger students want someone they can look to for guidance, you will be a great peer and a mentor.

3. Being a Hairstylist can be a dream 2nd or 3rd career.

Unlike typical jobs, once you establish your clientele, you can decide what days you work, how many hours you work and how much money you want to make. It is a creative, profitable, fulfilling and flexible career.

4. You will appeal to a different clientele base than younger hairstylists

As an older Hairstylist you will appeal to a clientele who is closer to your age. Older clientele want to be fashionable and current, but they don’t necessarily want to take their advice from a Hairstylist that is much younger than they are. Beauty and life concerns change as clients get older. They tend to be more comfortable discussing these issues with a Hairstylist who understands on a personal level. My assistant Gary and I were close in age and my clientele loved him. For the year that Gary was assisting me, our conversations with my clients felt more like having coffee with a friend than a hair appointment.

5. Life gets better when you do what you love

Doing what you love is probably the most important reason. Happiness, success, and being creative don’t have age limits.

No, you’re not too old to go to Cosmetology School. With dedication, determination, and hard work, you can enjoy a new creative career in the Beauty Industry.

I am Here For You, Please Reach Out!

I hope you find this helpful, and will leave feedback, comments, or questions. I absolutely love supporting New Hairstylists. My intention with every post is to give New Hairstylists all over the world the tips, short cuts, and tools they need to quickly achieve success and to show you what is possible as a Hairstylist.I would love to connect, I think you’re great!

Elevating The Industry,

Karen Spinelli


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Karen Spinelli is from Pasadena, California. She was behind the chair for thirty five years, as well as Salon Director of Education for New Hairstylists for the last twenty years. Karen loves to spend time with and watch Hairstylists succeed!

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