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elevating the industry

As a Master Hairstylist and Educator,

I absolutely LOVE what I do.

My 30+ year career in high-end salons has been bold, creative, non-traditional, and deeply rewarding.  My greatest gift is to see the unique beauty in every individual, my skills allow me to reveal my clients' best attributes, and my hope is to instill confidence in every person who sits in my chair.

After becoming an expert in my field, I developed a comprehensive educational program, and for the last 20 years, I’ve been the Education Director for "New Talent" at one of Los Angeles' premier, award-winning salons.


In this new era, I realize the need to be flexible and adapt, so I’ve pivoted as both a hairstylist and an educator.  My "New Talent" program has become "The Stylist University" (coming soon), an online educational program for hairstylists beyond Los Angeles.


I’m grateful for my clients, who made me the woman I am today, and, over the years, have become some of my greatest friends.

elevating the industry
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