June 1, 2021


I have decided to transition my career from “behind the chair”, and focus on my role as an educator.

My books will be closing September 2021.
I’m sorry...  I know that this will come as a surprise to many of you, as it did for me.

So, what exactly does this mean for YOU?

  • I will be working behind the chair at Salon Rosé for the months of June and August.

  • My books will be closing September 2021.

  • I will be providing my clients with stylist recommendations, upon request.

  • I am also happy to write down formulas, and your hair history for a future hairstylist to utilize.

And what does this mean for ME...?

  • I will be actively working on adapting my advanced training program, “The Stylist University” into digital format with upcoming online courses.  Stay tuned!

  • I will still be sending out this email newsletter, and sharing on social media.  You can expect content on lifestyle, business, and hair! :)

  • I need to seize my time with my parents, my kids and my grandkids.  Family, for me, has come in many unexpected ways.  I am so blessed to have them, and am looking forward to having more time with them.

I’ve had the most privileged position of traveling through life with my clients…  We’ve shared both the celebrations and the tragedies of life together.  My days will be so very different without you in my chair.

One thing I know for sure is that change is almost always scary and hard. I hope that you understand what I’m doing, and how deeply appreciated you are.

What I wish for you is clarity, good health, and the courage to pursue joy!


All my love,


Karen Spinelli

elevating the industry

My 30+ year career in high-end salons has been bold, creative, non-traditional, and deeply rewarding.
In this new era, I realize the need to be flexible and adapt, so I’ve pivoted as both a hairstylist and an educator. 

client reviews

"I love the way my hair looks and feels! The conversation is great, also!"

Pam, Salon Rosé Client

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